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The Joyful Empty Nester

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Cindy Cyr | The Joyful Empty Nester


1 year


Establish a brand with multiple logos for various events and build a responsive website aimed towards empty-nested women who seek to find joy, live on purpose, and feel significant by creating a life they are excited about now that their kids are gone.

The Joyful Empty Nester


Building a business from a feeling.

Cindy Cyr, a copyrighter from Jacksonville, FL, struggled to understand her anxiety while experiencing a new chapter in her life once her two sons came of age and left home. As she journeyed into this new territory, she experienced a rollercoaster of emotions and spent the next few years making impressive accomplishments while facing new challenges. During this time, she was given a lot of opportunity to self-reflect and discovered that as a mother, she had gotten so used to taking care of others and putting everyone else first that she wasn’t taking care of what she needed...that she felt guilty or selfish for focusing on her own passions, goals, and desires. Then she started thinking twenty and thirty years ahead.

I thought about what I was role modeling to my own kids. Would I want them to push aside their goals, desires, and passions? The answer was a resounding no. The commitments we make to ourselves are the most important commitments. They allow you to show up more joyful, better, stronger, grander and more fully present for your spouse, children, family, friends, community, and clients.

The Feeling Develops into an Empowering Idea

Cindy determined that she wanted to provide a space where women can get what they need…whether it’s permission to focus on themselves… a reminder of how to dream… to ask questions about ANYTHING… or encouragement to pursue their own goals, passions, and desires, no matter how small or big they are.

"I decided to start a community for empty nest women like me… because I believe as an empty nest woman you bring a set of unique gifts to the world. I believe that life is short – and that when you live intentionally, you experience and bring more joy and significance to the world. You become better, live more exuberantly, and create a legacy that will inspire future generations."

Giving a Powerful Idea the Resources to Grow

Though Cindy had discovered her new life's purpose, she had a lot of work to do for it to become a reality. She needed several logos, business cards, a highly functional website, newsletter designs, and an established structure for her business.

Logo Attempt 3Logo Attempt 2Logo Attempt 1
Pressler Talent Show Flyer DesignStudio Bliss Work Page ScreenshotTestimonials ScreenshotHome Page Mobile ScreenshotHome Page - UnfilteredContact Page - CloudFirst Leads4All
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CloudFirst Leads4All UI Motion Prototype User FlowForm Submission - MobileSucculent-Inspired Woman Design for Business CardsSPARK Experience LogoThe Engineer - Character Concept Art

Accessible Sign-Up

User Flow Mapping


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Resident Judge Spotlight

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Rough Mockups


Fun Impact

Character Concept Art from Vindicator: Cosmic Order

Planning with exceptional growth & adaptability in mind.

Cindy's vision for The Joyful Empty Nester was without limitations, and she needed a platform that would be able to scale with her. We knew we had to make space for future programs and events, such as travel sign-ups, passion polls, and event booking.

Client Message & Tone

The Joyful Empty Nester aims to Spark Joy to smother out the feeling of emptiness and ignite a more meaningful purpose by reconnecting to your pre-mom self so you can experience twice the meaning, connection, and joy in your day-to-day life now that the kids are gone.

"My mission is to enhance your life by helping you to build your legacy thoughtfully – inspire you to live more fully and connect you with other women doing the same. And along the way to help you to write your story so that future generations will not only know who you were, what you loved, what you dreamed about, and what you desired, they’ll be inspired by you."


The brand appeals to middle-aged women with a desire to rediscover their passions, figure out what’s holding them back, and light a spark that gets them fired up for what’s next now that the kids are gone.

Gender: Female

Age: 45-65

Profession/Industry: homemaker | teacher | caretaker | business

Personality: Caring | Social | Curious | Growth-Minded

Responsive Website Planning


Commitment to the visual narrative.

Together, we began uncovering Cindy's desires, defining her vision, and visually illustrating her story through a highly personalized brand. Through many logo variations, brand names, and several websites, we defined, tested, redefined, and fully developed what Cindy's brand meant to her - and what she wanted it to mean for others.

Seven main pages were created: Home, About, Contact, What We Offer, Spark Experiences, Empty Nest Experiences, and Speaking. We provided plenty of organization for users to find what interests them and sign up or reach out for more information.

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CloudFirst Leads4All Hero BannerDeborah Lynn Styling Multi-Page Grid

Motion Graphics Highlight Reel

Highlight reel with animated "glitch" style bumper, cuts and transitions, time warping, descriptive lower thirds & plug overlays.

Pressler Talent Show Livestream

Once the show was broadcasted live, post-production was applied in After Effects. This included an animated "glitch" style bumper, cuts and transitions, time warping, descriptive lower thirds, plug overlays, and audio adjustments.


A Community Built on Joy.

Beginning with little more than a feeling, we designed a series of logos that evolved into a brand with a powerful story, which we used to build a responsive site focused on dynamic content structure in a way that communicated her services effectively and distinctively. After an extended development process, we found that the essence of The Joyful Empty Nester could be boiled down to one word: joy. Every brand decision thereafter was based around that word above all else.

Spark Joy and Create a Life You're Excited About Now that the Kids are Gone.

Cindy now enjoys a thriving community of women all learning and growing together, and she has the foundation she needs to continue its expansion.

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