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User Interface Design


BankingLux Mobile App Prototype

Neo-Banking App Design
Interactive Figma Prototype
Explore how this app was designed to provide users with an all-in-one financial solution that allows them to transfer money, view reports, invest, and more.
Take Control of Your Money with BankingLux - App Mockup

Vitalisure Healthcare

User Experience Health App Design
Picture a world where people can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their whole family is taken care of, with unambiguous & self-care-driven pricing. Learn how we developed an effective user experience in our mission to improve healthcare.

myAR LensLab

Microscope + AR-Enabled Microbiology App Design for Children
Discover how we flipped excessive screen time into a positive learning opportunity for children using augmented reality to offer an innovative & engaging educational experience.

VR.EDU Educational User Interface

3D Modeled User Interface Concept
Imagine traveling back in time during history class or lifting off into outer space in science class. See how this interface concept could harness the power of virtual reality to send students on educational expeditions that reshape engagement in learning environments.

CloudFirst Leads4All

Motion Graphics Mobile App Prototype
Website Build & Brand Development
See how each element comes together to create an appealing interface, guiding the user along a fluid, rich discovery of new leads from their desktop or while on the go.