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Motion graphics


CloudFirst Leads4All

Motion Graphics Mobile App Prototype
Website Build & Brand Development
See how each element comes together to create an appealing interface, guiding the user along a fluid, rich discovery of new leads from their desktop or while on the go.

Pressler Talent Show Highlight Reel

Motion Graphics & Post-Production Reel
Observe how glitch distortion was used to introduce this event with a captivating bumper. Watch how subtle transitions, descriptive lower thirds, plug overlays, and time warp were used to add context and build interest.

ST. Louis Cardinals Lower Thirds

Motion Graphics Baseball Lower Thirds
Three Tier Variations
Watch how blending modes, turbulent noise, and dissolving geometric shapes were used to create an eye-catching presentation of player stats for sports broadcasts.

Beaver Lava Leap

3D Animated Clip, Video Game Concept
See how the principles of animation were used to breathe life and personality into a character with no arms or legs.

Catalyst Bumper

Motion Graphics Bumper for PBS Cutting-Edge Research Series
Watch how we helped the Arizona PBS prime-time series, Catalyst, sign off their program in an impactful and thought-provoking way that aligns with their message of shaping the future through educating the community on cutting-edge research.

Irish Jig

3D Character Animation
See how anticipation and appeal were used to build personality into this character's attempt at performing an Irish jig.
Images of my Robotics Competition