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Pressler Talent Show

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Client Name

Gold Rate


3 days


Design a website that encourages residents of a local Austin apartment complex to participate in the community talent show

Pressler Talent Show


Gold Rate was receiving a lot of complaints from their Pressler tenants because of a recent increase in rent costs due to Austin rising as a desirable place to live. To help residents feel better about the value of their property, they decided to take their monthly events to the next level. We decided to put on a talent show to help the Pressler tenants strengthen their community and enjoy a unique experience as a benefit of their residency. In order to get the most out of this event, Gold Rate needed eye-catching posters and a vibrant website where people could go to sign up and learn more about the event.

Logo Attempt 3Logo Attempt 2Logo Attempt 1
Pressler Talent Show Flyer DesignStudio Bliss Work Page ScreenshotTestimonials ScreenshotHome Page Mobile ScreenshotHome Page - UnfilteredContact Page - CloudFirst Leads4All
Deborah Lynn Styling Home Page Screenshot
Hair Styling Business Card for Women - FrontHair Styling Business Card for Women - BackHair Styling Business Card for Men - FrontHair Styling Business Card for Men - BackGender Neutral Business Card Illustration
Collaborate Screenshot - UnfilteredSign Up Form - Mobile Screenshot


CloudFirst Leads4All UI Motion Prototype User FlowForm Submission - MobileSucculent-Inspired Woman Design for Business CardsSPARK Experience LogoThe Engineer - Character Concept Art

Accessible Sign-Up

User Flow Mapping


Motion Prototype App StoryboardSucculent-Inspired Male Design for Business CardsThe Joyful Empty Nester LogoSnake Bot - Character Concept ArtTalent Show Judges



Resident Judge Spotlight

Rough Mockup of CloudFirst Leads4All AppSucculent-Inspired Gender Neutral Design for Business CardsSpread the Joy Challenge LogoJunkyard Troll - Character Concept ArtTalent Show Site Loader Animation

Rough Mockups


Fun Impact

Character Concept Art from Vindicator: Cosmic Order

Responsive Website Planning


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CloudFirst Leads4All Hero BannerDeborah Lynn Styling Multi-Page Grid

Motion Graphics Highlight Reel

Highlight reel with animated "glitch" style bumper, cuts and transitions, time warping, descriptive lower thirds & plug overlays.

Pressler Talent Show Livestream

Once the show was broadcasted live, post-production was applied in After Effects. This included an animated "glitch" style bumper, cuts and transitions, time warping, descriptive lower thirds, plug overlays, and audio adjustments.


CloudFirst Leads4All LogoLife is Short - Watercolor BlurbUnfiltered Blue LogoSucculent-Inspired Female Design for Business CardsStudio Bliss Stacked LogoView on Github